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Hey there,

We’re here in Rwanda and something really cool just happened a few hours ago that I have to tell you about before we get into the newsletter. So, we just got back from safari with our group (we’ve brought about 300 people over here so far, you should come). As we were driving past a herd of elephants, one of them broke loose and charged our Land Cruiser. Luckily he was just saying hello. And then we saw two 8 or 9 foot Black Mambas “Greco-Roman Wrestling” if you know what I mean, in the middle of the dirt road for about 10 minutes. It was one for the record books. Adrenaline still pumping. I’ll show the footage in one of our next Not Dead Yet Shows after we get back to the States later in March.

The News:

Unlike College Basketball’s Win-Lose March Madness Tournament (Go New Mexico State Aggies!!!), where there’s only one winner and a whole bunch of losers, we’ve got a Win-Win thing going on with my 6 New Winning Designs (Merch Madness, get it?) that have been a long time coming. And if you “play the game” you’ll be a winner too. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes and smiling right along with you as I write this. But, seriously, I’m excited about these new designs and you’ll want to be the first to get these while supplies last. See below as we will be launching a new design every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon (Texas time) for the next 3 weeks.

Hard Sunglass Case - Now Available

Suzette designed this one and uses it herself all the time. I don’t wear sunglasses that often because I like to look people right in the eyeballs, but I think it’s a pretty cool case. In our tent, we have one full of different keys and little metal knick knacks. Not just for sunglasses.

Urban Tote - Now Available

Suzette should really tell you about this one, but she took the group to the market after we got back from safari and she’s not here. Suzette and a few other women have field tested this thing a lot over the past couple years and they seem to really like it. It’s on the smaller and lighter side of our totes, so I guess it’s kind of nice when you want to carry a tote, but don’t need a giant monster tote.

iPhone Cases

Are flip-flops your only footwear? Have you only ever listened to the same song on repeat for your entire life? Do you talk to newborns and old folks the same way? Of course not!!! Different situations call for different styles and designs. That’s why I came up with a couple different easily-swappable phone cases.

Phone 7 & 8 Leather Photographer’s Case - Now Available

When I’m taking a whole lot of pics and videos, I use the case that’s easy to grab and hard to drop. I took this with me on a trip up by Somalia when the family and I went Mangrove Crab hunting. It was a lot of trudging through deep mud and I was videoing and snapping pics the whole way. I had no worries of dropping it. I’ve been personally field testing this case with my own phone for a few years now and I think it’s finally ready to go. It’s a great case.

iPhone 8/8+ Hands Free Case - Now Available

Can’t drop this one. When I’m walking with a coffee or hauling luggage through the airport, then I use this one. It’s super easy for one handed use because you can’t drop it. When I was racing a Wide Open Baja Car in Baja, California with BF Goodrich last fall (Seriously, one of the two coolest things I’ve ever done. Bullfighting being the other.) I didn’t want my phone to fly out of the car and I couldn’t put it in my pocket. This case is great for on a boat or anywhere you can’t hold onto it, but you still want it close at hand. So I just hang it around my neck until I need it. I think this one is my favorite to use. Informally, I call it the iPhone Huarache.

Tablet Notepad Holder - Now Available

This thing is a long time in the works, and a really great addition to our other 2 notepad holders. I was trying to figure out the best way to incorporate a way to hold a tablet in a Notepad Holder, and it finally clicked when I designed the Pouch Wallet.I just grafted the gusseted pigskin pouch design idea from that wallet onto a notepad holder and it ended up working really well. This one holds a 12.9” iPad Pro and keyboard or file folders or magazines or whatever else you’d need to put into a notepad beyond what the Medium Notepad holder can carry. I think it’s going to be popular and stay around awhile.

Coffee MugBack in Stock Soon!

Okay, so I’m not going to make my fortune selling coffee mugs, but I so needed to design this and I’m so glad I did. I finally have, what I believe to be, the GREATEST COFFEE MUG THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN… for me. I’m not exaggerating.

I wanted to be able to put it in the oven or microwave and not chip or crack so we made it stone wear. I wanted a comfortable handle with a flat spot for my thumb to rest on, and a comfortable spot for my pinky finger underneath. I wanted my large three fingers to fit comfortably in the middle (Suzette’s hot four fingers fit in there nicely). I wanted the backsides of my fingers to be far enough away from the hot side of the mug so I didn’t have to even think about them touching. I wanted the top to be narrower to hold in the heat a little better and keep it from splashing out as easily. I wanted a wider base so it was stable. I wanted the walls thick enough to hold in heat, but not too thick so it was uncomfortably heavy when full. I wanted it to hold enough coffee to satisfy but not so much that I had to rush to drink it before it got cold. I wanted it to be locally handmade here in Texas. I wanted it good looking and imperfect. And if you’re like me, I think it’s going to be your go to mug. Perhaps the highest quality mug there is, in design and materials and craftsmanship.

I worked with a local potter named Keith to get it just right. He’s got about 30 years experience doing this stuff, and he makes every single mug by hand, one at a time. Right down to individually stamping each letter. Because of this, each mug is its own unique creation. These things are as handmade as handmade gets. I think you’re going to like it.

Slim Laptop Briefcase - Now Available

I’ve always liked things clean and simple, but haven’t had a clean and simple briefcase since the Thin Briefcase. But since that one is now golfing and collecting seashells everyday in Florida, I designed a new one for my brother-in-law who has one of those real-deal corporate office jobs, and asked him to give me his feedback. He LOVED the simple function of it and got a lot of compliments around the office. So I made a couple of small tweaks and got more friends using them. Based on what I hear; it is going to be one of the favorites from now on. It has a wide but slim front pocket for carrying smaller things, an interior pigskin pocket up against the back for files or a laptop and then an open interior section for water bottles, shoes or pretty much anything bulky. He’s a handsome one… and clean.

Can’t wait to hear what you think. Leave me a review on the product page once you get some of these and use.

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.