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Mother's Day Mystery Boxes

Hey there,

It’s been said that Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. I can’t argue with that. So I say that Leather is a Girl’s Second Best Friend. And do we ever have a cool idea for you. Mother’s Day Mystery Boxes full of leather on the site now. At least they were there when I sent you this letter. Once we’re out, we’re out.

There’s no way you can know what you’re getting, so you’ll have to trust my amazing wife and excellent mother of my children, Suzette. The mother in your life will be getting way more value than what you bargained for. Super high quality and good looking women’s bags and/or accessories from Saddleback Leather and/or Love 41. All picked out by Suzette.

Suzette is brutal to buy gifts for. She’s so honest that if she wouldn’t wear out in public what I got her, then she asks for the receipt and returns it rather than hold onto it and never use it. So usually I buy her slippers or a bathrobe or super soft pajamas or really soft socks or a scarf or stuff that she doesn’t use everyday or uses everyday but in private. And then she’s happy and I’m fine. Leather bags and accessories are like that so you can’t go wrong. Seriously, I think it’s a great idea and so does Suzette. And it’s fun for the both of you when she opens her box. Worst case scenario, she keeps one or two of the things that she really likes and has fun giving the rest as gifts to her friends and sisters.

We have three options: $150, $300 or $500. Buy one for her and you’ll most likely be the one who gave her the most memorable and coolest gift she’s ever gotten. And a little tip here. If she’s pregnant with your first child but hasn’t had the baby by Mother’s Day, she’s still a mother and you need to get her something. Don’t mess that one up like I did.

Suzette and I are going to do a Facebook Live today, May 1st, at noon Texas time and so if you want to learn more, get onto our Facebook page and watch and ask questions. Hope to see you soon.

Getchu one HERE before we run out!

Warm Regards,

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.