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New Designs + Flat Rate International Shipping

Hey there,

So hopefully you tuned into Facebook Live yesterday. Not only did I share about lots of cool new stuff from Saddleback, but my wife Suzette shared some fantastic new designs from Love41. We’ve got new stuff starting at $20 going up to $5,000. Stuff to make you smell good, your home and office smell good and for you to look good. You’ve gotta check out the video to see it all including our first piece of leather furniture, the Leather Trunk.

Imagine a little girl carefully placing her dolls and toys in just the right place in her toy trunk. Imagine her dad loading that same trunk up into the back of the truck to take her off to college. Then imagine that same trunk open in the entrance of the chapel to receive the cards and small gifts at her wedding.

Now imagine that same little girl, a grandmother now, sitting next to that same trunk. It no longer just holds toys. It holds the most precious mementos and memories of her life. Now imagine a new little girl who has the same eyes and nose of that little girl from 80 years ago. And she’s putting her dolls and toys in just the right place in her toy trunk. And on and on it goes. Okay okay, so not to get too sentimental, but I really think our trunk is beautiful and will last a lifetime of memories and stories within it.

One last thing from our stellar customer service team is that we are offering Flat Rate International Shipping* from now through the end of the year 12/31/17.

  • Africa, Asia, & Oceania (Singapore/Japan)(And Australia) - $45
  • Central America, South America - $35
  • Europe - $25
  • Canada & Mexico - $15

Merry Christmas,

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.

*May exclude certain oversized items. Free shipping for all orders is only available for domestic shipments within the 48 contiguous states.