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Sand Canvas Has Arrived!

Hey there,

Sand is usually the common denominator of fun times for us. The Seychelles was A GOOD TIME, Bora Bora for our honeymoon was gooder. Mike’s camp off the Kenyan coast made us laugh and laugh. And, of course, the Sahara desert of Tunisia and Morocco are both a blast anytime of the year. My last trip to Baja California included a lot of sand and I’m still randomly pumping my fist. The new Sand Canvas from Scotland will have you pumping your fist too.

And here’s something about the Sand color, as well as the Moss. They are colors commonly found in nature. If you’re out on a beautiful trail or in a serene park and someone walks by with a bright ORANGE or RED or PINK or NEON GREEN bag, doesn’t that take away from the experience? Like a neon sign at a high mountain lake. I call it eye pollution. Don’t be that person. (Unless you're lost or stranded, then again smoke signals work)

Anyhow, the Sand Canvas has been a long time coming and comes out today, June 21st. Which happens to be a real special day. First Day of Summer. Longest Day of the Year (Summer Solstice) and my birthday. So I love giving gifts, even on my birthday. If you purchase any Sand Canvas design, you’ll get a cool free gift that you can keep or give to someone else.

Seriously, what a great day to birth the Sand Canvas. Get your new Sand Canvas HERE

Warm Regards,

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.

Promotion Details: a free Saddleback Earbud Pouch for anyone who buys a piece of new Sand Canvas. Once we are out of stock the Earbud Pouch, the promo code will stop working. Color of Earbud Pouch added to order will be random. Limit one per customer. Please use promotion code SANDCANVAS18 to have this added to your cart. Please do not contact customer service to pick a color, as they have no control over what is selected. The Saddleback Earbud Pouch is not currently for sale, but if you like the look, check out the Earbud Pouch at Love 41.