Not Dead Yet Show

Ep 64: Christmas
Ep 63: Homeschool Coffin
Ep 62: Mama not happy about surprise puppy
Ep 60: Overcoming on Mexico Trip
Ep 58: New Designs and the Land Cruiser
Ep 57: Leather Trunk and Pulling teeth
Ep 56: Eating Dead Fish and Dog Barf and Backgammon
Ep 55: Dinosaur Backpacks and Blowguns
Ep 54: Baby Birds, Stuck Deep in Mud
Ep 53: Sunburn hack and catching whales
Ep 52: Seashell Hunting Gone Bad
Ep 51: Crab Hunting in Africa
Ep 50: Marrying Mike in Kenya
Ep 49: Mike's Camp tour (Robinson Caruso getaway)
Ep 48: Journey to Mike's Camp - Kenya
Ep 47: Eating Bunnies in Africa
Ep 46: Washing the dog thoughts
Ep 45: Cool handmade leatherworking tools
Ep 44: Doing nothing is important sometimes
Ep 43: Valentine's Day Special
Ep 42: Christmas tree Mexico party
Ep 41: Toyota Land Cruiser Revenge
Ep 40: The Frog in Our Outdoor Shower
Ep 39: CrossFit and Saddleback Furniture?
Ep 38: iPhone case designing and Sucking Fish
Ep 37: Should I Sell Small Briefcases Again?!
Ep 36: Sneak Peek of the Hard Briefcase
Ep 35: Copperheads and Copper Designs
Ep 34: At Chick-fil-A Headquarters
Ep 33: Hair on Suitcases and History
Ep 32: Mexican Waterpark
Ep 31: Un Cumpleanos to Remember
Ep 30: Snakes, Skunks, and Showers
Ep 29: Dave's Bespoke Tire Sandals
Ep 28: Mouse-a-phobia
Ep 27: Death by Drowning
Ep 26: A Mouse Memorial and An Old Bull Grill
Ep 25: Behind the Scenes at the Factory
Ep 24: Car Camping with the Family
Ep 23: Christmas with Creepy Claire
Ep 22: Sewing Seed
Ep 21: Chupacabras and Rodeo Clowns
Ep 20: Romantic Engagement of Dave's Brother
Ep 19: Axe Handling for Children
Ep 18: Decorating with Dead Baby Animals
Ep 17: Scorpions In My Tent
Ep 16: Dave's African Lloyd Haircut
Ep 15: Mud Wrestling at the Tents
Ep 14: Eating Dead Animals
Ep 13: A Mexican Door Store
Ep 12: Outdoor Plumbing
Ep 11: Suzette Poops Her Pants and Tents
Ep 10: Prepping vs. Spontaneous
Ep 9: PT Cruiserproof Clothing with Saddleback Leather
Ep 8: Hitting a Bottom and Tacos
Ep 7: Warehouse Living Room and Life After Death with Saddleback Leather
Ep 6: Outdoor Men's Room and Green Balls w/ Saddleback Leather
Ep 5: ManPro, Tent Progress and 62 T-shirts
Ep 4: Walmart Haircut and Eating Bugs with Saddleback Leather
Ep 3: Ten hours of hand stitching with Saddleback Leather
Ep 2: Sela's Maasai Warrior Birthday with Saddleback Leather
Ep 1: Eating Chicken like an Apple and Tents