Testimonial Photos

Alan Williams Petra (Sela), Jordan

"I can now understand the fanaticism."
- Tom Billionis - Sept 9, ‘07

Jonavan Roux's and Bear

"I may sleep with this thing."
- Harold Price - Dec 31, ‘07

Matt Chancey Darfur refugee camp Jach, Sudan

"It's no longer about buying a bag; it's about subscribing to a community.."
- Christopher Proctor - Nov 9, ‘07

Trent Jesso Queenstown, New Zealand

"These bags are worse than crack... You sure you're not putting a little somethin' extra in this leather?"
- Alicia Bird

Ryan Menath on Air Force Refueling Tanker over Iraq

"I work in an international airport and I see bags bags bags all day...I've seen literally hundreds of thousands of bags and I've never seen anything even close to the equal of Saddleback...."
- Nickolaus Moormann - Sept 15, '08

Frits Schoeman Devon, England

"I have dreamed about a bag like this my entire life, and I hadn't even known it... I want to take it EVERYWHERE."
- Jacque Whitworth - January 09, ‘09

George Mattinson in back yard Costa Rica

"My husband and I have bought six bags so far. I think I'm addicted to your bags!"
- Tina Jiang - Oct 14, 08

Rob Person Maine, USA

"I can't stop looking at it and smiling. It is a piece of art."
- Fernando Neto - Sept 16, ‘08

Jack Travers Ancient city of Sela, modern day Petra Jordan

"The bag has about 40,000 miles of travel since I got it last year. It is starting to get broken in and I love the leather in this bag."
- Brian Johnson - April 7, ‘06

Tim Stafford with messenger bag

"And David, you are right - I have NEVER been complimented so many times on a bag... IN A SINGLE DAY!."
- Craig Leuzzi - Jan 2, ‘08

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