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Testimonial Photos

Jason Porcello - Maradi, Niger

"This is the greatest bag I've ever seen."
- Chris - May 19, 06

Alex Lee, Wave Rock Western Australia

"My new briefcase arrived in UK yesterday. I absolutely bloody well love it. Best bag ever."
- Nick - June 24, ‘08

David Sullivan, Appalachian Mountain Trail, Pennsylvania

"I ran out of the business cards you stuck in the bag, because EVERYONE keeps asking where I got the bag...."
- Daniel Alleluia

Alicia Bird at Disneyland

"I'll be lucky to get out of work with the bag."
- Gregg McWilliams - Oct 06, 08

David Watts - Castaway Quickly

"Everything you said is absolutely true. It's durable and should age nicely with my normal, everyday abuse."
- Clarence Grimm - June 24, ‘06

David Smith Ranch near Livingston, Montana

"I just want you to know that I have had my bag for almost a year and my excitement about it has still not worn off."
- Hanna McClain - Dec 5 ‘08

Jen Williams, Yukon wild

"I have been many places in the world and I was always searching for the perfect briefcase. Found it right in the USA."
- Duke Projects - Nov. 26, ‘08

Tom Thurman off Indonesian coast

"It is the only bag that I've owned (and I've had them all)... that I've been able to use for everything I do."
- Susan Corpus - May 22, ‘08

Sean Waters, New Mexico

"I love your site. There's an air of arrogance, but you're being true, and I totally understand where you're coming from."
- Emily Ching - July 7 ‘08

John MaGuire, Peru

"The compliments have been extensive, and the piece just fits me."
- Martin Camacho - Sept 18, ‘08

John Smallwood Stellenbosch, South Africa

"I had at least a half dozen people stop me on the street and ask where I bought it."
- Gary Smith - Sept 24, ‘08

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