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Testimonial Photos

Jonathan Munson - Sheki, Azerbaijan

"I really couldn't be happier with my bag, it's just perfect, and I have NEVER had a better experience with a seller...."
- Sara Culp - May 30, 06

Devon Tiffin - Zihuatanejo, Mexico

"Wow...I am still shocked, you must have read my mind, I mean it. Dave, this bag is so awesome, it's really what I dreamed of having for years."
- Ana Lomba - Nov 21, 08

Eli N. Konieczka - St. Maarten, Eastern Caribbean sign

"I'm the kind of person who is obsessed with quality....that said, I just can't say enough about how thrilled I am with the Saddleback bags I have purchased so far."
- Daniel Banach - July 29, ‘08

Larry Surretsky - Top of the World

"I have traveled all around the world and have many extremely cool items, but this bag is the best."
- Aubrey, Aug. 23, '07

Tom Thurman - Raja, South Pacific

"I have tried them all from Coach to Tumi. They don't begin to compare. As I get older, I learn to appreciate the classics..."
- Jeff Hamburger - Dec 10, ‘08

Shawn Miller - Breaking the Rules with Atlantis, Bahamas

"I have to say how delighted I am with the design, build quality and beauty of the bag. A true value for money heirloom piece."
- Shay - Oct 16, ‘08

Rick Ross at Redwood National Forest, California

"...but I just kept coming back to yours, your bags are that unique and attractive. Electromagnetic attraction!"
- Shawn Courts - Sept 18, ‘08

Nathaniel Riley - Deer

"Right now it's so new to me and I'm still in shock due to its quality, fit and finish, and its presence."
- Ray Parsons Jr. - Aug 19, ‘08

Alex Lee - Wave Rock, Western Australia

"This is TRULY the highest quality bag I've ever seen, touched, held, smelled!!! Wow, looks like it fell from Heaven."
- Sheila Wray - Nov 29, '07

Taylor Tasco with Tibetan monks

"wanted to let you know what a great experience it has been dealing with your company. The customer service is beyond compare!!!."
- Peggy - February 15, ‘08

Yukio Reuter - South of France

"I am a lobbyist and ...I get compliments all the time about it. I even have been pulled to the side by some legislators to talk more about the bag than the legislation that I am pushing."
- Bernie - Mar 30, '07

Tonya Johnson's bag with Wali house in background

"I would be willing to write you a public recommendation that you could post anywhere, no strings attached, hailing your company as one of the best I have ever encountered anywhere on this blue planet."
- Dr. Richard J. Thomas - Jan 2 ‘08

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